Plans, Projects and Programs



TRPA works with the community and many agency partners to create planning documents that help shape the future of Lake Tahoe’s transportation infrastructure, public transit services, and land use patterns. We value public input, public participation, and collaboration. For a quick overview of our plans, check out our Fact Sheets.

2012 Regional Transportation Plan (Mobility 2035)
This is the transportation element of the Lake Tahoe Regional Plan and the blueprint to improve mobility and safety for the traveling public while also delivering environmental improvements throughout the transportation system. It identifies short-, medium-, and long-term transportation projects and includes highway Corridor Connection Plans. Learn more about the Regional Transportation Plan.

2016 Active Transportation Plan
Improving transportation options for bicyclists and pedestrians is one of the most effective ways to conserve and restore Lake Tahoe’s environment, revitalize the economy, enhance recreation opportunities, and improve public health. This plan identifies challenges and solutions to existing mobility issues and priority projects. Learn more about active transportation or review by chapter and appendix.

2014 Intelligent Technology Systems Strategic Plan
This plan identifies opportunities for technology to increase transportation efficiency, safety, and balance. Changeable message signs and online apps are just two examples of how technology can improve our transportation system by giving people the real-time information they need.

Transit Plans: The Tahoe Transportation District BlueGo Short Range Plan and Placer County TART Short Range Plan identify existing and proposed transit infrastructure, operations, and maintenance. The Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan shows how human service agencies work with transportation providers to address the needs of seniors, the disabled, and low-income residents. As the administrator of Transportation Development Act funds for the Lake Tahoe Region, TRPA creates an annual Unmet Transit Needs Report each year. The purpose of the report is to ensure that all unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet are met before Transportation Development Act funds are spent on non-transit uses such as streets and roads.


TRPA’s many partners are actively completing projects such as sidewalks, bicyclist and pedestrian paths, bike lanes, and water quality improvements. Check out what is happening now!


TRPA supports transportation project planning and design by directing state and federal funding through the On Our Way Grant Program. The program helps Lake Tahoe communities identify neighborhood-level projects that create mixed-use town centers, encourage walking, biking, and transit use, revitalize the economy, and reduce impacts to the environment.

Local jurisdictions and government agencies, nonprofit groups, educational institutions, and other formalized community groups are all eligible to apply for On Our Way grant funding. The products of the grant program help inform the Regional Transportation Plan, Regional Plan, area plans, and other local and regional plans and codes, and are intended to lead to the construction of capital improvements or the approval of new policies or programs. TRPA has awarded and completed 11 On Our Way grants since June 2014. A new round of grant funding is anticipated to start in fall 2016.

On Our Way Grant Program Projects: