Transportation Alternatives Program

The FAST Act eliminates the MAP-21 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and replaces it with a set-aside of Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) program funding for transportation alternatives (TA). These set-aside funds include all projects and activities that were previously eligible under TAP, encompassing a variety of smaller-scale transportation projects such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities, recreational trails, safe routes to school projects, community improvements such as historic preservation and vegetation management, and environmental mitigation related to stormwater and habitat connectivity. For more information please go to the FHWA website.

California Active Transportation Program

On September 26, 2013, Governor Brown signed legislation creating the Active Transportation Program (ATP) in the Department of Transportation (Senate Bill 99, Chapter 359 and Assembly Bill 101, Chapter 354). The ATP consolidates existing federal and state transportation programs, including the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA), and State Safe Routes to School (SR2S), into a single program with a focus to make California a national leader in active transportation. The ATP is administered by the Division of Local Assistance, Office of Active Transportation and Special Programs.

The purpose of ATP is to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation by achieving the following goals:

  • Increase the proportion of trips accomplished by biking and walking,
  • Increase safety and mobility for non-motorized users,
  • Advance the active transportation efforts of regional agencies to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals,
  • Enhance public health,
  • Ensure that disadvantaged communities fully share in the benefits of the program, and
  • Provide a broad spectrum of projects to benefit many types of active transportation users.

Caltrans ATP guidelines and information can be accessed at:

Nevada Transportation Alternatives Program

The Nevada Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding category combines the previous Transportation Enhancement (TE), Safe Routes to School (SRTS) and Scenic Byways programs into one funding category. The Nevada TAP provides funds for projects that improve non-motorized mobility, historic preservation, scenic accessibility, Safe Routes to School programs, and environmental/vegetation management. While Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) encourages the inclusion of TAP projects into existing planned transportation projects, TAP projects may also be pursued on a “stand alone” basis. Nevada TAP funded infrastructure projects must be legally accessible to the general public. Safety is an important consideration in the development of projects.

NDOT’s TAP projects may be sponsored by local governments, school districts, private schools, and tribal governments. Entities located within the boundaries of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are not eligible for this funding through this process. If you are unsure if you are located within the MPO boundary, please contact the NDOT Planning Office.

NDOT TAP information can be accessed at: