Community Plans

The Transition to Area Plans in 2013 and Beyond

Current TRPA Community Plans are available here, but are intended to be replaced by Area Plans that are under development by local governments and other land managers. Under the 2012 Regional Plan updates, Area Plans are intended to be written by local governments, community groups and other land managers to implement the Regional Plan at the local level.

Area Plans will allow other regulatory agencies in the Region to implement the Regional Plan policies at a smaller scale and with greater flexibility. Area Plans are being created through 2013 and beyond by local governments with community members and stakeholders at the planning table and are an excellent way to get involved in the future of your community. They must be reviewed and approved by TRPA and be found in conformance with Regional policies to become effective. Area Plans also come with specific limitations, an appeal process and annual review criteria to ensure they are working toward Regional goals.

Here are the current Community Plans:

Douglas County

South Shore Area Plan

The South Shore Area Plan replaced the Stateline (NV) and Kingsbury Community Plans on November 2013.

Douglas County Standards and Guidelines Document

Roundhill Community Plan

City of South Lake Tahoe

Bijou-Al Tahoe Community Plan

Tourist Core Area Plan

The Tourist Core Area Plan replaced the Stateline/Ski Run Community Plan in January 2014.

South Y Industrial Tract Community Plan

El Dorado County