Water Quality 208 Plan

Lake Tahoe (208) Water Quality Management Plan

WQMP_Cover_FINAL_6-19-13208 Plans are required for certain areas by the Federal Clean Water Act (section 208). These plans promote efficient and comprehensive programs for controlling water pollution in a defined geographic area. The Lake Tahoe 208 Plan was updated by TRPA on December 12, 2012, which initiated the need for parallel updates of the Plan by the states of Nevada and California and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The certification letters from each agency  are included below.

Lake Tahoe (208) Water Quality Management Plan
Final June 19, 2013


 State and Federal Certification Documents

California State Water Board 208 Certification Letter May 30 2013
California State Water Board Resolution 2013_0014
California Lahontan Water Board Recommendation to Certify February 20 2013
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection 208 Certification Letter March 12 2013
US Environmental Protection Agency 208 Certification Letter June 19 2013