Shoreline Plan

As one of its strategic initiatives, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is working with community members and stakeholders to update its shoreline policies and regulations in 2016 and 2017. For more information about the shoreline planning process or to get involved, visit

Shoreline Studies

A number of studies and reports completed in the past have focused on the impacts of shoreline activities and boating. These studies are helping inform TRPA’s ongoing shoreline planning initiative and are being made available here as a resource for the public.

Low Lake Level Adaptation

Partial Permitting Program

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board directed agency staff to implement a partial permitting program for the shorezone of Lake Tahoe following the 2010 court ruling that recalled the updated shorezone ordinances adopted in 2008. Under this current partial permitting program, TRPA is accepting applications for certain non-boating facility projects and for the maintenance, repair, reconstruction, modification, and expansion of legally existing boating structures that do not adversely affect the environment, either individually or cumulatively. TRPA will not accept or process applications for the permitting of new boating facilities, including piers, buoys, slips, boat ramps and boat lifts, and applications for deviation from standards for allowable length beyond the pierhead line for legally existing, privately owned multiple use piers, until the completion of additional environmental review by TRPA.

TRPA has developed guidelines to implement the partial permitting program and screening criteria to assist applicants in determining whether certain projects may be accepted and processed under the partial permitting program. The partial shorezone permitting program will extend until TRPA completes further environmental analysis and brings forward updated Shorezone ordinances for consideration by the TRPA Governing Board.

2014-04 Shorezone Partial Permitting
2011-09 Shorezone Partial Permitting

Go to Shorezone Applications & Forms to find out what projects can currently be permitted.

Marina Master Plan Guidelines

2008 Shorezone Policy and Ordinance Amendments

The documents below pertain to the shorezone program adopted by the TRPA Governing Board in September, 2008. The program and ordinances that were adopted then are no longer in effect following a court ruling that recalled the program. These documents are being kept here for public information while TRPA works with stakeholders to draft a new program and ordinances.

TRPA Vacated Code of Ordinances as of Sept 2010
Volume IV Addendum to the EIS for the Lake Tahoe Shorezone Ordinance Amendments (12.4 MB)
Additional Comments Received September to October, 2008
Shorezone_Project_Description, May 2, 2008
Supplemental Shorezone Information, January 31, 2007
District Court Ruling on 2008 Shorezone EIS
Appellate Court Ruling on 2008 Shorezone EIS