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For basic searches, a user login account is not required. A free account is required to submit online permits.

Electronic Application Tutorials:

Tutorial: How to Create an Account
Tutorial: How To Build a Project In Citizen Access

For specific parcel permit records

Enter the TRPA Citizen Access Database located under Permitting, Parcel & Permit Records. Select the “Building: Search Applications/Permits” link. Enter the assessor parcel number (APN) in the Parcel Number  field to find records associated with the parcel.  If there are files that are not accessible from our website, then email a request to to view the files at our front counter. In your email, please include the assessor parcel number (APN) and the file number for each file requested. Omitting this information  will cause delays in processing your request. Some files are accessible from our website. See info below on accessing these types of files. No user registration/login is required to submit a file request. All file requests should be emailed to

If your search does not return any results, there may not be any files on record for your parcel. Many homes and businesses were built before the first Lake Tahoe Regional Plan was adopted in 1972 and have never had a project or verification completed by TRPA. If you believe there are files on record at TRPA and the search does not return any results, you can try searching again using only the street address number (no street name). Searches with assessor parcel numbers (APN) should be made in the following format; ex: 027-142-06, 093-172-005, 1418-11-124-007. This may overcome variations in spelling and assessor records. IPES information can be obtained from the IPES section of the Parcel & Permit Records page.

Please allow 5-7 business days to process your request. You will be notified by email when the files are ready for viewing.  Customers have 7 business days from the day after being notified via e-mail, to view the files at our office.

Database Records with Files Attached

Some of the database records that you find will have attachments. Attached files are in Adobe PDF format.  If a file has attachments, view or download the file at your location by doing the following:

Search “Building: Search Applications/Permits” and enter the APN with the dashes in the Parcel Number field. A new screen will appear. Then:

  • Select the file number link to that indicates FILE ATTACHED. (To determine if individual documents are attached, you will need to select Record Info, then Record Details after you click on the file number link.)
  • To open the attachments, click on Record Info and select Attachments from the list
  • Click on link (under file name) to view or download file
  • If you experience difficulty accessing an attached file, contact with the APN and file number for assistance.

IPES Information

Most vacant parcels and parcels that were still vacant in 1987 have been assigned an IPES score. The Individual Parcel Evaluation System (IPES) database contains parcel specific land coverage and land capability information for properties that are currently vacant or that were still vacant as of 1987.

Click here for IPES Scores

Other Database Searches

BMP Evaluation/Certificate

Bike Trails Public Map Viewer
This public map viewer shows the relation of parcels to existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian paths, lanes, and routes.

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