TRPA’s goal is to offer customers outstanding service throughout the permit process and encourages property owners to plan for enough time to get all the necessary approvals in place before breaking ground.  Our planners work to serve every applicant quickly and fairly and the Agency is always looking for ways to improve call-back and permitting turn-around time.

If you are just getting started, please take a minute to review the Permit Process and Frequently Asked Questions.   Feel free to call the TRPA front counter to talk to a planner or stop by our office to get on-the-spot help.  Our front counter staff has been recognized for their friendly service and for consistently exceeding customer expectations.


The front counter is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am-12 pm [Closed 12pm – 1pm] & open 1pm – 4pm.  We accept new applications until 3pm.

The front counter is closed Tuesdays

Here is a basic overview of the permit process:


  • Determine if you need a TRPA permit—many projects are exempt or can be permitted by your local building department. Exempt-Qualified Exempt Activity Application
  • If you need a permit and are creating new or relocating existing land coverage, you need to know your land capability and have your existing coverage verified.  If your property was built before 1987, you may need to submit a separate application for a Site Assessment to find this out. Parcel and Permit Records Search
  • Gather all the information required on your application and submit it to TRPA
  • TRPA might request additional information
  • TRPA review
  • Conditional permit issued
  • Once you show that all conditions have been met, final permit acknowledgment
  • You may need to post a security
  • Pre-construction inspection
  • You complete your project
  • Final inspection and security return