Tahoe Bike Challenge

bike_challengeMany people are surprised to learn that air pollution can damage Lake Tahoe’s famed clarity. For example, the crystal-clear, pristine waters of Lake Tahoe have seen a dramatic increase in algae growth in the last 40 years. Scientific research has determined that 55 percent of the nitrogen feeding this algae comes from vehicle and wood stove emissions that settle into the water. Reducing vehicle miles traveled reduces the pollution that enters Lake Tahoe. Consider exploring Lake Tahoe by bike or by foot. It’s healthier for you and helps protect the Lake!

Learn more about biking and walking in Lake Tahoe by visiting:

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

Tahoe Bike Challenge

June is Bike Month in Lake Tahoe!

Join the Tahoe Bike Challenge that takes place during the first two weeks of June. It’s healthy, it’s green, it’s fun, and most of all it is EASY! In just the last two years, the miles logged by participants around the Basin have kept well over 18,000 pounds of vehicle pollutants from entering the airshed and polluting Lake Tahoe. You could be one of hundreds of cyclists during the Tahoe Bike Challenge who are riding bikes instead of using an automobile. You can also track your trips at tahoebikechallenge.org to really see how easy it is to make a difference.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition are collaborating to bring you the Tahoe Bike Challenge!