Together We Can Lead Lake Tahoe to a Sustainable Future

Local Governments:

Lead by Example. Local governments can make their communities more sustainable by educating others on sustainability, acting as early-adopters and piloting projects to develop new efforts, leading tours and showcasing their successes, and monitoring indicators within their jurisdiction to track sustainability.

Sustainability Action Planning and implementation is known to be most successful in communities that have a sustainability champion or advocate. An important first step is creating an Office of Sustainability, Sustainability Commission, or Sustainability Advisory Committee to lead Sustainability action and outreach. A dedicated set of staff, elected officials and community volunteers provides the focus, talent, and commitment to secure resources and achieve the best results.

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Influence the Planning Process. Residents must get involved with their local governments and Regional agencies in order to support, advise, and inform plans, policies, and ordinances. Land use and transportation planning are key components of sustainability outcomes. There are several types of agency-adopted plans that provide guidelines for development in the Lake Tahoe Region and within its communities. Applicable plans include General Plans (prepared by California cities and counties), Master Plans (prepared by Nevada counties), Area Plans (community plans in the Lake Tahoe Region), and the overarching Regional Plan and Regional Transportation Plan (prepared by TRPA). Chapter 2  of the Sustainability Action Plan discusses the relationship between these plans in more detail.

Be Proactive and Get Involved. You do not have to wait for your local government, agency, or utility to put sustainability measures on their agendas or schedules. You can indicate support for an ordinance or program by contacting the City Manager, County Clerk, commission, or committee. For example, in South Lake Tahoe a group of residents worked with the Sustainability Commission (now disbanded) to research and write an ordinance banning free single-use plastic bags in retail establishments. The citizens and commissions worked with City staff to get the ordinance on the City Council agenda and rallied support of the ban, which eventually passed. Contact the Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative to find out how you can get more involved in sustainability projects in addition to the planning process.

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Leading the Way. Businesses are an integral part of the community and oftentimes lead the way in implementing sustainability measures. Businesses can work with their local Chambers of Commerce to connect with other businesses interested in taking sustainability actions as well as share best practices and successful pilots and actions. Groups are oftentimes stronger than individuals.

  • Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of your Business
  • Install Renewable Energy Systems for your Business
  • Reduce Reliance on Motor Vehicles for Personal Transportation
  • Reduce Distance Foods and Goods Travel
  • Reduce Water Use in your Business
  • Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Disaster Preparedness
  • Reduce your Waste Stream

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The work upon which the publication is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council.