Fireside Chat Sierra Nevada College

By Joanne S. Marchetta

Speech Fireside Chat Sierra Nevada College

Intro: Good evening. I’m pleased to have this opportunity to share ideas with you as part of this Fireside Chat speaker series. In my role as Executive Director of the TRPA, I’m confronted with no shortage of controversy and no dearth of topics to cover, but tonight I’d like to talk to you about Tahoe’s tipping points — not the least of which being the recent Nevada bill introduced in the Senate to withdraw the state from the TRPA Compact. In many ways, TRPA and all of Lake Tahoe face critical decision points. The questions are will we see our choices clearly and be able to transform ourselves for success – both at TRPA and as a Basin collectively – or will we stay stuck in past polarization and the gridlock of inaction where the cost of doing nothing may mean failure environmentally and economically.