Agency & General Historic Documents

Located below are archived agency documents associated with the effort to protect and restore Lake Tahoe. These documents reflect what has been accomplished in the past, and how the TRPA has become the agency it is today.

Archived Plan Area Statements and Community Plans

These Community Plans and Plan Area Statements have been replaced by an adopted Area Plan.

Kingsbury Commercial, Kingsbury Community Plan (076) Replaced by the South Shore Area Plan
Nevada Stateline Community Plan (089A) Replaced by the South Shore Area Plan
Stateline/Ski Run, Stateline/Ski Run Community Plan (091) Replaced by the Tourist Core Area Plan

Archived 208 Plan-Water Quality Management Plan for the Tahoe Basin

208 Plans are required for certain areas by the Federal Clean Water Act (section 208). These plans promote efficient and comprehensive programs for controlling water pollution in a defined geographic area. The Lake Tahoe 208 Plan was updated by TRPA on December 12, 2012, which initiated the need for parallel updates of the Plan by the states of Nevada and California and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The archived version of the plan (pre-2013) is here:

Volume 1
Volume II BMP Handbook
Volume III BMP Handbook Stream Environment Zone Protection and Restoration
Volume IV BMP Handbook Erosion Control and Capital Improvement Projects
Volume V BMP Handbook Summary
Volume VI A BMP Handbook Summary and Comments
Volume VI B BMP Handbook Comments Continued
Volume VII BMP Handbook Technical Appendix208 Plan