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Tahoe In Depth is a biannual publication that aims to inspire environmental understanding and stewardship at Lake Tahoe.

The purpose of Tahoe In Depth is to give homeowners, landowners, visitors, and policymakers clear, straightforward, and interesting information about the Lake Tahoe environment – from successful restoration to ongoing challenges. The goal is to help people better understand the work being done to restore Tahoe’s clarity and the role they can play in helping reach that outcome.

The publication explores the natural and cultural history of the Tahoe Basin while providing balanced, reliable information on a wide spectrum of scientific and planning efforts under way to protect Lake Tahoe’s unique scenic and ecological qualities.

Spearheaded by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, various agencies working in the Tahoe Basin have contributed stories and financial assistance to Tahoe In Depth. Other stories and content for the publication have been written or selected by an independent editor working with TRPA and contributors.

We would love your feedback! Write to us at tahoeindepth@gmail.com.

Tahoe In Depth Issues

Tahoe In Depth Summer 2016, Issue 9
Tahoe In Depth Spring 2016, Issue 8
Tahoe In Depth Winter 2015, Issue 7
Tahoe In Depth Summer 2015, Issue 6
Tahoe In Depth Winter 2014, Issue 5
Tahoe In Depth Summer 2014, Issue 4
Tahoe In Depth Winter 2013, Issue 3
Tahoe In Depth Summer 2013, Issue 2
Tahoe In Depth Winter 2012, Inaugural Issue

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