Threshold Update

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Strategic Plan Objective:

Use Best Science

Strategic Initiative Description:

The majority of the Threshold standards adopted in 1982 are based on science that is now over 30 years old. In addition, even with FY 2015/16 budget enhancements, the cost of fully and consistently monitoring and measuring the current Threshold system has proved unsustainable. A broad bi-state consensus is supporting consideration of updates to the Thresholds and monitoring systems. TRPA will be working with the new Bi-State Science Advisory Council and science community to 1) create a sustainable, prioritized and relevant monitoring plan, and 2) review and consider modifying the Threshold standards to reflect the latest science and the significant values in the Region.

Strategic Initiative Desired Outcomes:

Relevant and scientifically rigorous Threshold standards and a cost-efficient, feasible and informative comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan.

Strategic Initiative General Process/Approach:

This initiative includes two components: developing a robust monitoring plan, and providing recommendations for updating Threshold standards. Both components will leverage the findings of the 2015 Threshold Evaluation and will run in parallel. It is anticipated that the newly created Bi-State Science Advisory Council will play a significant role in both efforts. The monitoring and evaluation protocol will be reviewed by the Bi-State Science Advisory Council. Threshold standard updates will be recommended by the Bi-State Science Advisory Council, provided to the APC and RPIC for review and recommendations, subject to environmental review, and provided to the TRPA Governing Board for final action.

Strategic Initiative Team:

Team Member Email Phone
Dan Segan (Team Lead) (775) 589-5233
Kim Caringer (775) 589-5263
Nick Haven (775) 589-5256
Ken Kasman (775) 589-5253
Tom Lotshaw (775) 589-5278
John Marshall (775) 589-5286
Brandy McMahon (775) 589-5274
Jeanne McNamara (775) 589-5252
Devin Middlebrook (775) 589-5230
Shay Navarro (775) 589-5282
Kieth Norberg (775) 589-5289
Julie Regan (775) 589-5237
Sean Tevlin (775) 589-5254
Sarah Underhill (775) 589-5211
Mike Vollmer (775) 589-5268

Strategic Initiative Budget:

Year FY 2015/16 FY 2016/17 FY 2017/18 FY 2018/19 FY 2019/20
Total Budget $1,665,2871 $900,5831 $829,6521 $876,8151 $1,665,2871

Notes: 1. Includes contract expenditures.

Strategic Initiative Schedule:

Threshold Timeline

Strategic Initiative Dashboard:

Major Milestones FY 15/16 FY 16/17 FY 17/18 FY 19/10
Draft Report to Peer Review
Public Review
Governing Board Approval

Green: Schedule on or ahead of target, progress being made
Yellow: Schedule behind target, but progress is still being made
Red: Schedule behind target, needs urgent attention