Stormwater Management Operations and Maintenance

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Strategic Plan Objective:

Accelerate Threshold Attainment

Strategic Initiative Description:

This initiative intends to improve water quality and advance Threshold attainment by establishing a sustainable structure and funding source for operations and maintenance of parcel-level, area-wide, and transportation-related stormwater facilities and programs. It complements the ongoing EPA-funded strategy being administered through the Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD). The Tahoe RCD strategy includes a stakeholder assessment and developing a financial outlook and a Unified Action Plan. TRPA aims to incorporate information and stakeholders from the Nevada portion of the Region into the process.

Strategic Initiative Desired Outcomes:

A sustainable structure and action plan to secure regional funding for stormwater management system operations and maintenance that will help to maintain Threshold and Federal water quality standards.

Strategic Initiative General Process/Approach:

Building upon the Tahoe Resource Conservation District approach focused on the California portion of the Region, TRPA aims to incorporate Nevada information and stakeholders into the process. The effort will consist of a stakeholder assessment, inventory of existing and planned facilities and programs, identification of organizational alternatives, options for funding, and recommendations. The stakeholder assessment will include local governments, resource conservation districts, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, TRPA, U.S. EPA, and others. Some APC members will be invited to participate in the stakeholder process. This initiative will also include APC informational presentations and/or recommendations as needed, and TRPA Governing Board informational presentations and/or approval as needed.

Strategic Initiative Team:

Team Member Email Phone
Shay Navarro (Team Lead) (775) 589-5282
Kim Caringer (775) 589-5263
Shannon Friedman (775) 589-5205
Melinda Kolb (775) 589-5231
John Marshall (775) 589-5286
Julie Regan (775) 589-5237

Strategic Initiative Budget:

Year FY 2015/16 FY 2016/17 FY 2017/18 FY 2018/19 FY 2019/20
Total Budget $54,208 $54,208 $104,2081 $104,2081 $104,2081

Notes: 1. Includes contract expenditures.

Strategic Initiative Schedule:

Stormwater Schedule

Strategic Initiative Dashboard:

Major Milestones FY 15/16 FY 16/17 FY 17/18 FY 19/10
Stakeholder Meetings Completed
Draft Financial Outlook and Action Plan
APC Review Draft
Governing Board Final Draft

Green: Schedule on or ahead of target, progress being made
Yellow: Schedule behind target, but progress is still being made
Red: Schedule behind target, needs urgent attention