Regional Transportation Plan Update

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Strategic Plan Objective:

Accelerate Threshold Attainment

Strategic Initiative Description:

This initiative involves updating the Regional Transportation Plan and leading implementation efforts to enhance the transportation system including key elements such as the pedestrian and bike trail system around the Lake, improving public transit within the Region, and enhancing transit for those travelling to and from the Region.

Strategic Initiative Desired Outcomes:

Accelerated Threshold attainment by implementing the Regional Transportation Plan, and as a result reducing air pollution, improving water quality and enhancing recreational opportunities and mobility, and achieving a specific modal shift to biking, walking, and transit use (to be identified through the planning process).

Strategic Initiative General Process/Approach:

Components of the planning effort will include identifying the target mode share goal, reviewing existing studies and plans, identifying stakeholder funding needs, and coordinating with more specific corridor planning efforts. This initiative will include a significant public input process that will include Project Development Team meetings (June, July, August, and October), presentations to stakeholder groups, and public workshops/hearings. The Tahoe Transportation Commission, APC, and the Environmental Improvement Program Committee will receive periodic updates and be asked to provide a recommendation on approval of the Regional Transportation Plan, and the TRPA Governing Board will be asked to approve the plan. Stakeholders include the Tahoe Transportation District, local jurisdictions, US Forest Service, California Tahoe Conservancy, Nevada Division of State Lands, California and Nevada State Parks, Truckee-North Tahoe Transportation Management Association, South Shore Transportation Management Association, ski resorts, and casinos. In addition to the planning phase for the Regional Transportation Plan, subsequent year (i.e., post-2016) work programs will prioritize and build budgets around programs and projects to implement the Regional Transportation Plan, particularly related to regional and interregional transit and trail systems completion.

Strategic Initiative Team:

Team Member Email Phone
Karen Fink (Team Lead) (775) 589-5204
Jennifer Cannon (775) 589-5297
Kim Caringer (775) 589-5263
Morgan Beryl (775) 589-5208
Nick Haven (775) 589-5256
Lucia Maloney (775) 589-5324
Brandy McMahon (775) 589-5274
Joe Marzocco (775) 589-5221
Kieth Norberg (775) 589-5289

Strategic Initiative Budget:

Year FY 2015/16 FY 2016/17 FY 2017/18 FY 2018/19 FY 2019/20
Total Budget $286,7861 $125,657 $127,655 $113,752 $104,122

Notes: 1. Includes contract expenditures.

Strategic Initiative Schedule:

 Transportation Timeline

Strategic Initiative Dashboard:

Major Milestones FY 15/16 FY 16/17 FY 17/18 FY 19/10
Public Review
Tahoe Transportation Commission/APC
Governing Board

Green: Schedule on or ahead of target, progress being made
Yellow: Schedule behind target, but progress is still being made
Red: Schedule behind target, needs urgent attention