Permitting Assistance and Welcome Mat

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Strategic Plan Objective:

Accelerate Threshold Attainment, Operate as a High Performance Team

Strategic Initiative Description:

Complicated and overlapping multi-jurisdiction permitting processes can make obtaining permits in the Lake Tahoe Region difficult and time consuming for investors in projects that would remove and replace older, obsolete, legacy development. This initiative will create a multi-jurisdiction coordinated permitting assistance “Welcome Mat” program to enhance consistency and predictability in the permit process and encourage environmental redevelopment.

Strategic Initiative Desired Outcomes:

A consistent, predictable, and integrated permitting process that coordinates TRPA, local jurisdictions and partner agencies. The creation of a transparent and more navigable permitting process with increased predictability.

Strategic Initiative General Process/Approach:

The processes that are envisioned for this initiative are use of stakeholder assessments (to be coordinated with the Commodities Initiative), creation and regular utilization of staff and applicant focus groups, and periodic local government/TRPA staff exchanges and cross-training. The tasks that comprise this initiative are listed below. The APC will be responsible for convening workshops to receive reports and provide direction related to tasks 3-6.

  1. Implement the existing identified process improvements designed to streamline the application process (i.e., recommendations from continuous improvement process teams);
  2. Implement technology improvements to create consistent, automated application processing;
  3. Review and utilize appropriate recommendations to be implemented from the recently completed City of South Lake Tahoe and Placer County studies on removing development barriers including creation of a “playbook” for applicants;
  4. Review TRPA policies and regulations in relation to nationwide best practices, identify changes that should be implemented in the Region, and present those to the TRPA Governing Board annually;
  5. Identify best practice processes and customer service programs in jurisdictions and consortia of jurisdictions, identify changes that should be implemented in the Region, and present those to the TRPA Governing Board on an annual basis;
  6. Develop a regional site bank which will include pre-identified sites with entitlements for potential redevelopment and affordable housing purposes; and
  7. Create staff and applicant groups to provide regular feedback on what is working well and what could be improved in processing applications in the Region, and use this feedback to implement appropriate changes.

Strategic Initiative Team:

Team Member Email Phone
Wendy Jepson (Team Lead) (775) 589-5269
Jennifer Self (Team Lead) (775) 589-5261
Linda Allen (775) 589-5264
Bridget Cornell (775) 589-5218
Judy Faylor (775) 589-5400
Shannon Friedman (775) 589-5205
Karen Fink (775) 589-5204
Tiffany Good (775) 589-5283
Kim Hern (775) 589-5277
Ken Kasman (775) 589-5253
Lucia Maloney (775) 589-5324
Jeanne McNamara (775) 589-5252
Julie Roll (775) 589-5247
Steve Sweet (775) 589-5250

Strategic Initiative Budget:

Year FY 2015/16 FY 2016/17 FY 2017/18 FY 2018/19 FY 2019/20
Total Budget $208,5641 $165,9691 $141,4301 $137,5801 $150,4181

Notes: 1. Includes contract expenditures.

Strategic Initiative Schedule:
Welcome Mat Schedule

Strategic Initiative Dashboard:

Major Milestones FY 15/16 FY 16/17 FY 17/18 FY 19/10
Senior Management Presentations
Online Digital Submittal and Approval
APC Reports
GB Reports
Complete Stakeholder Assessments
Staff and User Group Meetings

Green: Schedule on or ahead of target, progress being made
Yellow: Schedule behind target, but progress is still being made
Red: Schedule behind target, needs urgent attention