Aquatic Invasive Species

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Strategic Plan Objective:

Accelerate Threshold Attainment

Strategic Initiative Description:

Control of existing aquatic invasive species (AIS) is one of three main components of the AIS Program as a whole, complementing the well-known efforts of Prevention, as well as Early Detection/Rapid Response. Over the last year TRPA set and met the goal of filling the AIS prevention program funding gap by securing stable funding from the two states to continue the boat inspection program. Now the primary need in the next five years is to secure AIS control program funding, prioritize, and implement effective means to push back existing populations of AIS.

Strategic Initiative Desired Outcomes:

The objective is to secure funding for the AIS control program, establish an effective and prioritized Implementation Plan and align control projects to reduce existing Aquatic Invasive Species. Control is important to enhance and restore Tahoe’s unique ecosystem impacted by the introduction of AIS (e.g., weeds, clams, and fish). In addition to environmental impacts, the Program protects Tahoe’s recreation and tourist-based economy.

Strategic Initiative General Process/Approach:

With the AIS Coordinating Committee and Tahoe Inter-Agency Executives Steering Committee, AIS control projects will be prioritized using the science-based Implementation Plan produced through the University of Nevada. The plan indicates the highest priority species and areas to focus control efforts in Lake Tahoe. TRPA and other agencies will identify a proposed approach, working with the Tahoe Keys Homeowners Association, to effectively treat AIS in the Tahoe Keys, one of the biggest sources of AIS spread in the Lake. Effective control strategies for local marinas will be pursued. Finally, TRPA will continue to participate at the regional and national level to seek national resources and support to Tahoe’s program, and serve as a model for other regions. Securing new funding sources for control projects is a high priority.

Strategic Initiative Team:

Team Member Email Phone
Dennis Zabaglo (Team Lead) (775) 589-5255
Kim Caringer (775) 589-5263

Strategic Initiative Budget:

Year FY 2015/16 FY 2016/17 FY 2017/18 FY 2018/19 FY 2019/20
Total Budget $19,669 $19,669 $19,669 $19,669 $19,669

Strategic Initiative Schedule:


AIS Timeline

Strategic Initiative Dashboard:

Major Milestones FY 15/16 FY 16/17 FY 17/18 FY 19/10
Project Priorities Established

Green: Schedule on or ahead of target, progress being made
Yellow: Schedule behind target, but progress is still being made
Red: Schedule behind target, needs urgent attention