Strategic Plan

How We Operate

In June 2014, TRPA adopted a Strategic Plan designed to guide the Agency for the next three to five years. The Strategic Plan includes four key strategic objectives outlined below.

SI Priorities

Download the Agency’s two page summary on how we operate.


Strategic Initiatives

In 2015, the Governing Board directed TRPA staff to move forward with ten Strategic Initiatives to be completed over the next five years (2015-2020) that align directly with the four objectives in the Agency’s Strategic Plan.

Detailed information on each of the 10 Strategic Initiatives can be found by clicking on the below links.

2015-2020 Strategic Initiatives Current Status Aligned Strategic Plan Objectives
Development Rights (Commodities) Accelerate Threshold Attainment
Forest Health Accelerate Threshold Attainment
Aquatic Invasive Species Control Accelerate Threshold Attainment
Stormwater Management Operations and Maintenance Accelerate Threshold Attainment
Shoreline Be a Leader in Sustainability, Use Best Science
Regional Transportation Plan Update Accelerate Threshold Attainment, Be a Leader in Sustainability
Streamline Monitoring and Update Thresholds Use Best Science
Ongoing Work Programs Current Status Aligned Strategic Plan Objectives
Permitting Assistance “Welcome Mat” Accelerate Threshold Attainment, Operate as a High Performance Team
Local Government Area Plans Accelerate Threshold Attainment, Operate as a High Performance Team
Thresholds Evaluation Report Use Best Science

In order to align TRPA staffs’ priorities and work activities with the Strategic Initiatives, TRPA developed the 2015/2016 Operations Work Program outlining the role of each Agency Division in implementing the first year tasks from the five-year Strategic Initiatives and ongoing annual activities. The Operations Work Program is, in part, implemented through the Annual Budget which allocates financial resources to carry out the annual program of tasks and activities.


TRPA reports on progress being made in implementing the Strategic Initiatives in the TRPA Annual Report and Quarterly Reports. The Annual Report is released in February and Quarterly Reports are released in April, July, and October.

2013 Quarterly and Annual Reports

TRPA prepares Strategic Initiatives Monthly Reports to report on recent progress and accomplishments and the future focus for implementation of the Strategic Initiatives during the months (January, March, May, June, August, September, November, and December) when the Annual Report or Quarterly Reports are not released.  Strategic Initiatives Monthly Reports are included in the Executive Director’s report to the Advisory Planning Commission and Governing Board and are provided below.

2015 Strategic Initiatives Monthly Reports

2015 Year to Date Permitting (Updated 1/19/2016)

Permitting 2015 Year to Date
Applications Submitted1 736
Permits Issued1 804
Percent of Applications Reviewed for Completeness within 30 days of Submission 92.3%
Average # Days in Review from Complete Application 19.7 days
Average # Days in Review for Projects Requiring Governing Board Review 70.5 days
Average # Days in Review for Projects Requiring Hearings Officer Review 36.3 days
Average # Days in Review for Projects Requiring  Staff Level Review 18.9 days
Percent of Permits Issued within 120 days of Complete Application 98.6%

1Notes – these figures do not include Tree Removal Permits or Environmental Improvement Projects. Permits Issued exceeds the number of Applications Submitted due to projects carried over from Calendar 2014.

Environmental Improvement Program 2015 Year to Date
Environmental Improvement Project Applications to TRPA 13
Environmental Improvement Project Permits Issued 19

Tree Removal Permits 2015 Year to Date
Applications to TRPA for Tree Removal 762
Tree Removal Permits Issued 745
Percent of Tree Removal Applications Submitted Electronically 56%