Watershed Signs

Coming Soon: Lake Tahoe Environmental Gateway Signs

Have you ever noticed there are no signs welcoming you to Lake Tahoe? Natural wonders across America are signified by a sign and sometimes a brief message about what is expected of visitors. “Enjoy It!” or “Don’t Litter!”

Unlike many of the nation’s greatest natural destinations, Lake Tahoe was never made a national park and the job of managing it is currently shared by 50 agencies, 67,000 residents and 3 million annual visitors. One thing we all have in common is the desire to protect Lake Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe watershed is highly fragile and in one way or another, the actions of everyone who crosses the watershed boundary can have an impact. That’s why TRPA has initiated the Lake Tahoe Environmental Gateway Sign Project.

TRPA staff is currently working with state and local agencies to design and construct attractive welcome signs at each of the seven roadway entrances to the Tahoe Basin. Keep an eye on this page and on the summit roads of the Region to tell us what you think of the signs.

For questions about the sign project, contact Tom Lotshaw, tlotshaw@trpa.org, (775) 589-5278.

Lake Tahoe’s Environmental Improvement Program is comprised of 50 state, federal and local agencies devoted to preventing Lake Tahoe from losing its remarkable water clarity. There are some simple things you can do to help in this cause. And every ounce of energy that each individual contributes helps!

Put Lake Tahoe license plates on your car and help fund erosion control, wetlands restoration and biking and hiking trails.
It’s one of the easiest steps you can take to support the Lake Tahoe environment. Click on the plates below to order your today!

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