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“We have a shared responsibility to build on our commitment at all levels to be sure the Lake and its environs are protected.”
– President Bill Clinton, Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum, July 26, 1997

Launched in 1997, the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) is a partnership of federal, state, and local agencies, private interests, and the Washoe Tribe, created to protect and improve the extraordinary natural and recreational resources of the Lake Tahoe Basin. EIP partners implement projects that include everything from new bike trails to creek restorations to programs that protect the lake from aquatic invasive species.

EIP Project Tracker

To date, partner agencies have completed more than 400 lake-saving projects in your neighborhood and on your favorite trail and beach. When you see “Another Lake-Saving Project” and the EIP logo around the Tahoe Basin, you know that public-private partnerships are making a difference for Lake Tahoe.

The EIP Project Tracker is an online user-friendly database that displays information about projects with interactive maps, charts, and photos.

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Program Areas

Why is the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) important?

TRPA launched the EIP in an effort to better implement the Regional Plan and highlighted it at the Presidential Forum at Lake Tahoe in 1997. Recognizing that capital investments, research, and monitoring were essential components of the Regional Plan, the EIP called for an initial investment of $908 million in capital projects and $58 million in research and monitoring over 10 years. The EIP also identified hundreds of specific projects and programs to be undertaken by more than 50 funding partners including federal, state, and local agencies, and the private sector. The projects were focused on improving air, water, and scenic quality, forest health, fish and wildlife, and public access to the Lake and other recreation areas. The prime directive of the EIP was to move the Tahoe Basin closer to environmental threshold attainment. Today, over 400 EIP projects have been completed and hundreds more are in progress, with over $1.8 billion of investment in the highest priority environmental improvement projects.

Reports and Accomplishments

2015 EIP Accomplishments

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2014 EIP Accomplishments

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2013 EIP Accomplishments


EIP Restoration in Progress Summary


EIP Restoration in Progress Through 2018


EIP Restoration in Progress Summary


EIP Restoration in Progress: 1997-2007


EIP Celebrating 20 Years of Lake Tahoe Restoration