How We Operate

Foremost, TRPA operates under the authority of the states of California and Nevada and the federal government through the Bi-State Compact, which was ratified by Congress and signed by the President of the United States.  To implement the direction of the Compact, TRPA uses two main tools to protect and restore Lake Tahoe:

  • An Environmental Improvement Program that implements restoration projects to heal past damage to the ecosystem
  • A regulatory program that works to minimize the impact of developed properties on the watershed

Although the Compact designates TRPA as the leader of environmental standards in the Basin, we work in cooperative  partnership with other organizations, agencies, and many private property owners to implement the programs above. Programs such as Aquatic Invasive Species and Forest Fuel Reduction are good examples of how partnerships in the Tahoe Basin are driving public safety improvements, environmental protection and restoration.

TRPA receives direction on decisions from a 15-member Governing Board, a 21-member Advisory Planning Commission as well as many stakeholders and members of the public like you.  The Agency also reports on our activities regularly to the Nevada and California state legislatures.

The Agency’s top priorities and basic operational strategy is set by a Strategic Plan. Community engagement, environmental gain, operational efficiency and streamlined operations are critical to TRPA’s efforts to protect and restore this special place. The Agency listens closely to the public and encourages staff to remain involved in the community in order to foster better understanding of our programs and principles.


In February, 2014, TRPA released its first Annual Report to summarize measurement, monitoring and other accomplishments in the Tahoe Basin from 2013. The Agency tracks hundreds of performance measures and,  in the search for continuous improvement, is committed to greater accountability with more frequent and transparent reporting of what we track and measure. Every year, during the first calendar quarter, TRPA will deliver a snapshot of accomplishments and the status of progress across all major Regional Plan programs and work priorities.


Download the Agency’s two page summary on how we operate.