Governing Board Committees

There are eight committees associated with the TRPA Governing Board. Committees allow for a small working group of board members to meet publicly on technical items and then to make recommendations to the full board for final action. While the Operations Committee will hear a presentation on TRPA’s budget, the Legal Committee might be meeting to hear a report on a violation resolution. Ultimately, the full 15-member Governing Board will listen to the committees’ recommendations and take final action.

The committees are:

  • Catastrophic Wildfire Committee
  • Environmental Improvement & Public Outreach Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Local Government Committee
  • Operations & Governance Committee
  • Regional Plan Implementation Committee

Agenda items of most committees are contained within the Governing Board packet of the month in which the committee convened. Not all committees convene monthly. Visit the TRPA Calendar to view meeting times, locations, agendas and staff summaries of the TRPA Governing Board committee meetings.